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  1. It does seem like Aqua is a little scared of new people. Have you tried moving her somewhere familiar but quiet for food time? A correction will be necessary if the behavior gets worse. She has to understand that being aggressive for food means no food at all.
  2. I don't know how you have been training Momo, but even dogs of one breed may have different traits. A specific repeat training period sounds unnecessary, assuming you are using the command routinely. Maybe you need to make hundreds of repetitions for weeks if Momo appears to be a slow learner.
  3. Thanks, Lemon! At least Christmas day was okay! I was happy. I did tell the guests to not bother Milo too much if the dog wouldn't play with them. The children were much harder to remind than the adults (as expected). He could've done better when it came to the place command, but it didn't bring many problems. We will still have people around for New Year though I don't think it will be as crowded as yesterday. I hope this is a good sign. Happy holidays to everyone!
  4. I probably could've handled the crate training better back then, but I think he is great with the place command. It's just that sometimes he gets back up faster than I want. I guess it is going to be some kind of test for Milo.
  5. I wasn't thinking that far. I thought walks are also important for socialization and stress relief. Well, I guess it's no time to be picky. Come to think of it, treadmills can also help the dogs during winter when the days are too cold to go outside. Is there any huge disadvantage of choosing a treadmill over regular walks?
  6. WithYou

    Ruffwear Slackline

    That's good to hear. I was worried it would too short if you wear it on your waist to the point that you and the dog couldn't walk comfortably. Is there anything different about the material? Just for reference in case I need a new leash in the future.
  7. WithYou

    Ruffwear Slackline

    I'm not into the color, but I see that there are other options. A solid choice since the leash can also be used as a waistband. I just wonder if it's going to be long enough if you wear it like that. The material also seems soft and comfortable. Did you end up buying it?
  8. I think Milo behaves well most days. He's never been very aggressive when we meet neighbors or other pets during our walks. But that's only occasional one or two strangers. The holiday brings lots more "aggressor" so I can't help but worry. I will keep your idea in mind, Aquadust. I do think that's one of the easiest options for now.
  9. Holidays are coming, so are my family members for a gathering. I am just a little worried about Milo since he has never been around this many people before. Who knows what will happen then. Any tips on how to prevent things from getting too ugly?
  10. I guess you're right. In the last few days, I've been using the driveway nearby for our short exercises. Sometimes we run fast, then go slow, then repeat the process, trying variations as much as possible. I bring Milo out in the afternoon, while my brother or mother handles the morning session. I think it's possible to get used to this kind of routine.
  11. Yes, for now, I ask everyone else at home to walk him around as much as possible. I can't force them to do it when they are tired or too lazy to walk around, though. I feel like it's my responsibility since I wanted to have Milo in the first place. Walking with him is a refreshing time for me as well. I probably should look into splitting one long session into a few shorter ones. It's easier to ask my brother to walk Milo for 15 minutes than an hour straight.
  12. You're welcome. I wish you the best of luck! Milo was whining a lot when we first trained him with a crate. Maybe he was bored because he could be in the thing for around eight hours, maybe he was anxious. It was really noisy at nights! Take your time with the puppy and let's hope for the best.
  13. Milo is a Labrador Retriever. I understand that I need to step up his exercise plans as he gets older, but I feel a little overwhelmed right now. I feel pretty bummed that I can't walk him around for almost an hour like before. What are my options?
  14. Anyone would be confused if they have to deal with different rules in one place. It's probably best to make sure that your family trains the pup in the same way. If no one feeds her directly, then she has no choice but to do it herself.
  15. I would probably tell myself to handle the room and the crate better. A few times I just wanted to do it the simple way and let puppy Milo in the crate for hours. On the other hand, I have read about getting the puppy sleep next to us or in the same bedroom for the first few nights after we pick them up. They say it helps to bond and calm the puppy down. I didn't try this back then, so I wonder if it's truly effective.
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