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  1. I suppose the quick way to help the dog is to fight the sound with something calmer and more familiar, like the music you often play when he's around. It's probably better to think about how to desensitize the dog from the noise, so he won't be scared the next time it happens.
  2. I'm also thinking about how to make her feel less intimidated around people. We have been socializing her, taking her out on walks, and trying to let her experience many things, but I suppose it isn't always enough. For now, I say the word "no" then turns on the collar when she gets too persistent. It seems to be working so far.
  3. My puppy Aqua seems more possessive of her food bowl lately. She snarls when I come near it after putting it down, and it gets even worse when my cousins come around. (They are not close to Aqua, but still.) Is there any way to quickly correct this behavior?
  4. So the puppy had two crates and liked them both? That is interesting. Technically speaking, going with the adult-sized crate from the first time would eliminate any transition period. I also wonder if you had a hard time teaching him "place" that way.
  5. aquadust


    That would be perfect. To get to that point, though, we still need to get her used to the collar and also understand the consequences if she is too naughty when she wears one. Accidents may happen along the way. Then again, worse things happen without the collar and leash, so I guess I just need to be a better owner.
  6. I remember you telling someone else that we need to get everyone in the house on the same training plan to make it work. There will be too many people at that point, not all of them know what you have in mind, and maybe not all of them like dogs around (or vice versa). It sounds to me like Milo is better away from them all as much as possible.
  7. Since we are all generally lazy when the cold weather comes, we just have to push ourselves (and our dogs with us) harder. We can probably try to make it easier for them with some clothes to keep them warm or treats to make the outdoor plays more enjoyable.
  8. Scent is an unusual cause for me. Is there any other possible cause which we can easily overlook? I think trying to understand why our dogs do certain things is important, but I guess that should not stop us from teaching the dog that it is not okay to bark at such times.
  9. Thanks, Spica. I guess I'll wait a little more before introducing her to the collar. I know it's safe, but since the dog is still young, I wonder if even the slightest amount of zap will scare her too much. Even more so if I am going to use it all day to train her.
  10. Could it be that your dog is shy or anxious to meet other dogs? Sometimes I think of dogs like humans, and I remember how children may be shy to enter a new, unknown crowd. Have you tried bringing it somewhere more quiet first and see how she responds?
  11. Aqua is around 10 weeks old now. I read that e-collars are very helpful in training dogs and that it is actually safe. I'm just not sure when is the perfect time to start using one. What would you recommend?
  12. Thank you for sharing! We are still teaching Aqua to not fear her crate. This takes longer than I expected, but the guides I read say I shouldn't rush it. After all, Aqua should associate the thing with happy feelings. About sleeping with the puppy, I've never heard of it. I didn't do it when I first had Aqua. She's pretty active throughout the day, and we try to play with her as much as possible, so I think she's just energetic and not anxious.
  13. You're welcome! As a fellow new puppy owner, I can imagine the troubles you're going through. I should be careful with Aqua as well since sometimes we play with her a little too eagerly. I guess that gets her excited and so she starts to bite.
  14. Aren't toys better? I read in another post that you give out treats rather often, so it sounds like you're better off with something else. It also helps to train the dog to remember our commands.
  15. Hi to you too! Milo is such a cute name, and it's especially nice to know how happy he has made you feel. My friend said the same thing, how their dogs become one of the highlights of their lives. That's one of the reasons why I want to try having one. It's quite a hassle, to be frankly honest, but I can say that I'm still having fun!
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