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  1. Hi, community! I ran across this post in my feed, and maybe you're just like me and can't resist looking at a bunch of cute puppy pictures, so I thought I would share it. https://amp.insider.com/dog-photographer-of-the-year-2019-winners-2019-10#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s
  2. Thanks @Bobby, I've committed to trying the Quiet Training for thirty days, just so that I can say we tried it next time we see the veterinarian. Meanwhile, I have begun researching bark collars, it looks like there some valuable information in a thread here on the forum.
  3. I'm leery of using the bark collar, but six months is a long time to go without results. The new veterinarian we're seeing suggested trying Quiet Training first. What are your thoughts on this?
  4. Yes, I understand. The top challenges I have been experiencing are destructive habits such as trashing my home whenever I leave her alone and constant growling and barking for no apparent reason, especially at night.
  5. What a great read, thanks for sharing! I completely agree that the abused pet myth is overblown, and even though I am personally experiencing some challenges right now, I also agree that time and training makes all the difference. I’ve tried most of the suggestions in the article for correcting unwanted behaviors, but it could be that I am not being consistent or allowing enough time to see if something works before moving on to the next thing.
  6. @traceenaomie the link seems to be missing, would you mind posting it?
  7. I can’t stress enough the importance of doing your research. My dog is a rescue pet, and she suffers from many anxiety-related behavior issues. She was abandoned by her previous owner and left with several dogs. In hindsight, I would have done more research into coping mechanisms beforehand to see if it was something that I could handle.
  8. I’m Charlie, and my dog Cashmere is a two-year-old female terrier mix. I’ve had her for just over six months, and training has not been going well.
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