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  1. Lemon


    Hope everything will be good. I know sometimes it’s a bit frustrating but hey don’t worry. We all have been there. Feel free to let us know if there are any further problems. It’s always good to talk to some people and have some discussions.
  2. Lemon


    Maybe a bit too late for this post, but I just want to say that it also worked for me. Though I stopped using it for a long time already. I don’t really feel like I have the need to use it now. But it was pretty helpful in the past.
  3. Good to know. I agree that children are actually harder to deal with. But it seems to me that having adults around them is already a good way to go. Happy new year to you too. My dog can get nervous around this time of the year too. Hope everything will be fine for both you and me!
  4. Lemon


    There seems to be some sort of medical stuff that can help your dog calming down. I saw people doing that. Though I won’t recommend if the situation is not yet extreme.
  5. Yeah indeed. Sometimes you might have to consider punishment. Behaviours are sometimes hard to correct without punishment. Though it seems to me that the major problem is her shyness around people, in which case, I suggest letting your cousins or friends know about the situation beforehand.
  6. I hope everything will go well with you and milo. Trainings can be tough and difficulties can pop up in every phase, but I guess it’s normal for us and our dogs. Let us know if there are updates. 🙂
  7. That seems to be quite a headache. Have you tried some command trainings before? Also, is Aqua scared of people? According to what you said, it seems like her doesn’t like other people getting close to her?
  8. Hi Marsai! Welcome to the family. We are all learning here so feel free to drop any questions you might want to ask and I’m sure someone will be at the corner to help, or in general, we can just have some discussions. Nice to meet you!
  9. Lemon


    I saw you from the post about closed doors. I wonder if your dog gets frightened easily. Have you talked to your vet before? It seems to be the most possible option so far to figure out what’s the best for your dog.
  10. I agree that it’s actually better to find the cause of such behaviours. Though I won’t rule out the possibility that probably your dog just dislikes closed doors and that’s what it is. Does your dog have any behaviours similar to this that might be also drawing your attention?
  11. Honestly I want some advice too. I don’t know if I should just let it be or I should do some preparation beforehand and if yes, what I should do. But I want to ask, how is Milo’s behaviour in general?
  12. Maybe you might want to seek advice from your vet as well? Since every dog is different. But yeah it shouldn’t be dangerous to try those e-collars. Though I personally have never really used any.
  13. Some dogs really hate the cold I can tell. It’s pretty normal, like me too. I don’t like the cold as well. I will just try to reduce the outdoor activities but will see how it goes this winter.
  14. I’m happy to hear about your decision! And I agree with charlieblaine that research is required. But I believe sometimes you got to know your dog first before you know what to do. I have heard it usually takes longer time to do trainings with shelter pets. But I’m glad you have already been putting efforts and seeking more information here!
  15. Hey welcome! It would be great if you can share more experience of your training so that we can try to figure out what the problem is together. I also agree training can be really tough sometimes...
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