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  1. Momo is around 10 months old now. Thinking back now, we probably can do with more repetitions and stress the markers while toning down our expectations. Do you have minimum numbers for the repetition and training period? Do I have to repeat the process every once in a while (but shorter than the first training)? I expect that we won't have to be this busy once Momo is an adult.
  2. I understand that it takes time to learn something, perhaps especially for these pups as they are quite new to everything. I know that we need to repeat the commands several times before expecting results. I just feel like it takes so long just to teach Momo about sit and come, and now we are trying to teach her stay and place for quite a while. Am I being too impatient?
  3. That's a good point. I used to think that we should try to approach our pets and teach them stuff in a way that won't scare them too much. It seems like a few points should be taught immediately to prevent situations worse than aggression.
  4. The shock from these collars are meant for negative reinforcement, so I think fear is part of the process. We are responsible to use it at the right times to not scare the dogs unnecessarily. I think you can also adjust the shock power, so it's quite flexible.
  5. If humans can hate the weather that much, then it's possible for the dogs to hate it equally! But I guess there's no other way but to face it. How are you planning to prepare for it? Maybe thick coats and boots? Well, if your dog is that intolerable of cold, you can do more indoor activities.
  6. I'm sorry that you're going through such a hard time. I hope things will improve soon! I agree that having several short sessions sounds like a reasonable solution for now. You don't have to go too far away since it's quick anyway. I hope there is a park or any kind of space close to you to help you with this.
  7. Thank you for creating this thread, and thank you for everyone who's sharing their tips! I appreciate it very much. A quick question about treats: what are the recommended treats? Momo is a Pomeranian, but I wonder if there some common, universal treats which apply to all breeds.
  8. A dog training video I watched a while ago mentioned that puppies might start using collars from around 12 weeks old. I am interested in getting a remote collar to replace Momo's regular one too. I used to worry about them getting zapped by the thing, but apparently, it's not harmful at all.
  9. Thank you all for the tips! You're right that the puppy probably finds it confusing about how to eat since we are all so different. We are going to be more stern with her eating place and utensils so we can introduce her to more homemade food. She's missing a lot since my parents are amazing cooks!
  10. That's true, thank you for the reminder. I'm working on making her used to the word 'no' since I noticed using toys as distractions isn't so effective. Sometimes I'm getting worked up and probably shout at her more than I should. It's a little hard to control.
  11. It sounds like you also have a small dog like my Pomeranian. I end up getting a normal leash and a simple nylon collar for her ID tag. I will probably let her use a harness when she is already an adult.
  12. I hope to fix Momo's habit of eating most of his food from my hands. I've been trying to resist, but then other family members take over, so it's back to square one. I also want to introduce her to more kinds of food to avoid being too attached to treats, but I guess I should fix that issue first.
  13. If the dogs are like what Bobby said, then I wonder if they will just resort to other methods (like biting or chewing stuff they shouldn't) since we are not solving the main problem. Is it possible to distract the dog somehow before using punishments?
  14. It makes sense to think that dogs use their mouths to help explore new things. Just like babies and little kids do when they don't know better. I shout loudly like Miss Mazoo said while trying to show Momo something she can bite like toys or treats. I'm not sure which one is better (maybe toys are) so let me know if I'm doing it the wrong way.
  15. I'm sorry that your dog's aggression brought uncomfortable situations, Marcion, but thank you for the reminder. I was unsure about bringing Momo to a place that crowded with dogs or humans. Still, I wonder if it's possible that our dogs will be doing just fine if we train them well in less crowded parks first.
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