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  1. New year is always a bit of a headache. My situation isn’t very bad but my dog is also shy to people. Sometimes she just whines a lot when visitors are here.
  2. Bobby


    I have never used a harness so I can’t give proper advice or opinion on it. But from what I see from others, it seems to work pretty well for them. Some are still using it for their dogs.
  3. Bobby


    Thank you Lemon. It was not that bad this year. I wonder if my dog has started getting used to it. If that’s the case, I couldn’t be more happy. Though things are still tough. We will do our best to calm her down.
  4. So far it isn’t a big problem for me. We just do what we normally do. Though the coldest month hasn’t come yet. But indeed regular walking, at least for me, is pretty important. Making sure your dog has warm clothes as what aquadust said might help.
  5. I wonder if she is just shy to people in general or she is feeling threatened by the presence of your cousins. There seems to be a bit of difference. If she is generally shy, probably warming her up or giving her some time to adapt to the presence of your cousins might help.
  6. Bobby


    Thanks for all your suggestions. It seems that she is constantly at this state when the firework season is here. Music doesn’t seem to help much however... I guess it’s somehow related to her past. She was the last puppy being adopted. We knew she is a bit scared of everything ever since we have had her with us. Now we are still trying to spend more time with her.
  7. I do think indeed treadmills could be an option. But I feel like we need to really make sure we understand how it works before training our dogs to use it. It sounds a bit tricky to me. In the most cases, I still think traditional works would be the best option.
  8. I might have talked about some similar stuff before but the recent fireworks really create panic for me and my dog. She always hate the fireworks just like storm or strong wind. It’s actually illegal to have fireworks around the residential area but people still do it and we just can’t avoid it. We have tried to calm her down but that usually take an entire night, which is honestly pretty tiring. What do you guys do to deal with such situations? Earmuffs don’t work too as she hate wearing them...
  9. Bobby

    Ruffwear Slackline

    That looks fine to me. There are actually so many options out there which could make the selection confusing. I got a couple of leashes but some of them are not in use. Sometimes people just sent me as gifts without looking into the leashes that much. Though I appreciate their thoughts, if the leash isn’t suitable, then it’s not suitable.
  10. Bobby

    Dog parks

    Thanks guys. I think I will just avoid bringing her into dog parks. Looks like she is fine with many of the places. So probably she just dislike the atmosphere of dog parks or I don’t know. Yeah she’s pretty shy too sometimes. I guess I might just have overthought too much haha.
  11. I think making mistakes is fine, we are all learning, learning together with our dogs, trying different methods or ways to train and get along with our dogs. I don’t think I want to change any things that are specific, but I do agree maybe I could watch my dog’s emotions more attentively.
  12. How do your dogs like the idea of going to dog parks? I mean, I would suppose it’s a good place to have some fun with your dogs and I can tell many are enjoying that. But my dog is just a bit weird in this case. Like, she seem to be reluctant when I tried to get her into a dog park. I have no idea why, to be honest.
  13. Indeed there’s a problem when the dog receives training in different ways. And you guys are right, fixing this issue should be the priority. And I guess you might need to eliminate other options for your dog by only providing the food that you want her to eat.
  14. That’s indeed a headache. I can understand. Do you have anyone to bring him out besides you? Or how about just slow down your pace, like walk a bit and pause a bit before continuing?
  15. I have also heard that different breeds might tend to have different behaviours. But I guess when it comes to anxiety, we can treat them regardless of their breeds.
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