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  1. Ronin

    Ruffwear Slackline

    Nope. Pretty normal stuff.
  2. You don't want to use a large crate with a young puppy. The idea of the crate also helps with initial housebreaking as dogs don't like to urinate or defecate where they sleep. If the crate is large enough that they have free space to move about they will urinate and defecate in it. We consider place to be a different command than kennel.
  3. How old is Momo? You can't expect much from a 3-5 month old dog in terms of attention span. If you're consistent, you can definitely get them very far along before 6 months, but only if you're consistent and make it a part of your daily routines. You have to train the behavior and make sure the dog learns it and understands it first. If you are having issues, there is a wealth of training available for free on Youtube for any behavior. Some dogs find certain commands more difficult than others. I teach new commands with rewards, marker words (yes, good boy) & treats, and do this over several days until I know the dog knows the command. Once your dog knows the command you should slowly remove the treats and begin discipline for failure to listen.
  4. Ronin


    Train your dog so the collar is only there to comply with local laws. A well trained dog should happily walk next to you and look to you for guidance.
  5. The big issue is that the dog is eating food it hasn't been given. This should never be allowed. You should be able to drop a steak on the floor in front and of your dog without worry. When we (or our kids) drop food our dog always looks to us for permission. If you don't establish this rule, if you accidentally drop something poisonous to your dog and it automatically snatches it up you could have a dead dog or at least a very expensive vet bill.
  6. I don't think a dog disliking the crate is the worse thing. So long as it goes there and stays quiet when commanded. That being said, with our last puppy I tried something new. We utilized two crates. A puppy sized one for containment when we weren't watching it, and a full sized adult one. We kept the adult sized one always open and normally left a toy or two or a treat inside. By the time the pup was old enough to utilize the puppy size crate properly, it loved its big adult sized crate. Once the pup outgrew his puppy crate the transition was painless.
  7. Another option is to train your dog to use a treadmill.
  8. The holidays are much easier if your dog knows the place command and is well crate trained. These two tools should take care of 98% of behavior problems that might arise.
  9. Ronin

    Dog parks

    Dog parks are generally viewed by most in this arena as far too dangerous to ever use. You are much better off utilizing a meet-up app or social media group to find like minded (i.e. responsible dog owners) near you and plan a meet up with well trained dogs. Otherwise you are just asking for your dog to be attacked.
  10. Ronin

    Ruffwear Slackline

    The leash works very well. I specifically bought this one because it is shorter. I don't believe a dog needs more than a couple feet when walking/jogging with them.
  11. I understand. Fortunately those are easier to deal with than some problems. The home trashing can be fixed today. Get your dog crate trained. Don't bother convincing your dog to like it. You're past that now. Eventually your dog will probably like it, but right you just need to stick it in a crate when your gone. The crate can aggravate the barking at night for awhile even if it wasn't a problem before. You can invest in a bark collar, or use a bonker to fix this. Many folks have issue with bark collars and crates, but if you've been trying to train for 6 months now with no results, why are you leaving valid tools un-tried?
  12. Crate training and bark collar.
  13. Plan for the worst. Keep them separated.
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